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I have been acquainted with Asako  for almost 20 years when I lived with her family in Kaga-city Japan. When I first went to Japan as a foreign student she helped me adjust to a new culture. Since I didn't speak Japanese at the time, she was my translator and also teacher. She was a kind and patient teacher and make me feel like part of the family. Asako is a warm and caring person, so it is only natural that these qualities would carry over to her work as a lomi lomi massage therapist as well as a teacher of this Hawaiian style of massage.

Formerly seen as a mere luxury, massage is a traditional form of healthmaintenance which benefits the overall well being of body,mind, and spirit. Massage allows for the full body to become in a general state of relaxation through the application of deep tissue or surface stimulation. It is this stimulation which benefits blood circulation, limb mobility, joint flexibility, injury recovery,while decreasing anxiety and muscle tension. It can be seen as a preventative therapy with physiological and psychological benefitsas with sleep and concentration disorders. As massage is currently seen as a complementary medical treatment or therapy, the teaching and learning of the correct techniques and applications are crucial and must be undertaken by a recognized and responsible institution. Mokuren is one such school which teaches massage from lomi lomi to shiatsu.

「ロミロミスクール マグノリア」のホームページをご覧になった方から、ハワイ在住のスタッフのコメントが英語で掲載されているので理解しづらいとのお言葉をいただきました。HPでの和英文並記では大げさなので、ここに和訳文を掲載します。




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